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Facial Recognition

Prisma’s facial recognition system is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. There are multiple methods in which facial recognition systems work, but in general, they work by comparing selected facial features from a given image with faces within a database.

It is also described as a Biometric Artificial Intelligence based application that can uniquely identify a person by analysing patterns based on the person's facial textures and shape.


Image Recognition

The print content which would act as a marker for our engine and match with the corresponding reference image. I.e. Image Recognition engines can also be used in marketing the band by linking logo with ads, websites, Information. The process of capturing images from mobile devices and recognizing the same against a reference image.

Prisma using its years of experience in the development of specialized algorithms for image recognition has now ported the same for applications on mobile devices. We have the ability to accurately recognize images against references, even in adverse ‘conditions’ like at 60 ̊ angles, blurred images, etc.

Object Recognition

Object recognition engines can identify multiple objects within a video or still image. Prisma has the calibre to empower businesses to thoroughly manage object recognition tasks continuously by utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. Perceiving and profound plunging your precise business thought, we construct exclusive solutions implying advanced recognition needs and change your business world.

Prisma Object recognition can be used for security purpose to track the baggies or suspicious object, classifying vehicle type at parking areas, Detecting object for inventory management and many more


Video Recognition

The Engine will identify video content or parts of the video and match it against corresponding images or objects. Video recognition is an essential part of video content analysis. The video recognition innovation dives deep into the video content to recognize it. It cautiously examines your video stream (either ongoing or disconnected) outlined by the edge to make valuable data about the content. Video recognition content assists it to make it conceivable to process, connect, and respond to a huge number of simultaneous video streams. They include safety and security, healthcare, transportation, retail, entertainment, and home automation to name just a few.

OCR [Optical Character Recognition]

Prisma’s OCR is an engine which execute complex form of article to simplest form. It has its Artificial Intelligence which identifies the character and convert them into readable form.

OCR also known as text recognition, extracts text from an image, video, or document and may include handwriting, license plates, or documents of various kinds. OCR is a set of rules and neural networks that help to identify the characters and numbers from an image or video.

License Plate Recognition System is a computer vision system based on the specific goals of the vehicle license.


Body Pose Estimation

A method for human pose estimation system for higher security which will estimate human body joints within a video or surveillance camera along with a binary value specifying joint visibility.

Prisma technologies are creating innovation and Body Pose estimation is one of them understanding the human behaviour, body gesture and identifying the moments and detecting suspicious behaviour is its overall mechanism, with the help of Prisma’s core algorithm Gryphos


Biometrics are used as a form of identification and access control. The biometrics technology is used to measure and analyse physical characteristics such as fingerprints, iris scans to name a few.

Prisma’s Biometric engine is specially designed to deliver accurate outputs. Biometrics is system which can be used in all sector for different purpose but most importance is given to Security. So too stronger your system's implement Prisma’s Biometric.


Sentiment Analysis

Prisma’s Sentiment engines discern the tone behind a series of words, used to gain an understanding of the attitudes, opinions, and the type of emotions expressed. It helps to identify if a person is laughing, crying, confused, or tends to be suspicious.

Sentiment analysis is very much important in todays life in all the sectors to understand the customer satisfaction, tracking suspicious behaviour, analysis students and understand their level of knowledge, Workers level of gratification or performance, etc. So, by implementing Prisma’s Sentimental analysis company can evaluate and get insights of the organizational behaviour

Transcription and Translation

Transcription engines translate written text from one language to another. The utilization of machine learning algorithms dramatically increases the accuracy of sentence structure, content, and parts of speech.

The primary requirement of video, Text, image translation is for the usually to transcribe the video in its unique language for which is a one stop solution Provider, with its own innovative technology


Logo Recognition

Logo Recognition automatically identifies specific companies based on their logo or brands in any given image or video. Prisma uses its core algorithm Gryphos for accurate logo recognition technology

A brand is identified by its logo for which marketing strategies are build, Prisma uses its logo recognition for making brand awareness, linking logos with website, offers, games and many more which create client engagement.

Cognitive AI Solutions

Ultimately, AI and cognitive computing systems are "based on the ability of machines to sense, reason, act and adapt based on learned experience for the difference between artificial intelligence and cognitive computing: In an artificial intelligence system, the system would have told the doctor which course of action to take based on its analysis. In cognitive computing, the system provides information to help the doctor decide.

Cognitive Computations / Decision Making Enhanced Employ multiple AI engines in parallel, within the same class and across different classes, and at high rates of cognition – measured in cognitive computations. Perform comprehensive analysis in near real-time and generate unique information that truly enhances your decision making.


AI Advisory

If your business or organization is new to AI, but you still want to make it an essential part of your strategy, AI Advisory Workshop is the best place to start. You will finish the process with a better understanding of exactly what is artificial intelligence, how it is currently improving your industry, and inspiration for incorporating it into your business model.

Key elements of our workshops include:

Brainstorming sessions to determine how AI will impact your specific industry
The opportunity to put together a business case to determine the benefits of AI as they relate to your organization
Creation of a specific blueprint for implementing AI solutions within your organization within a 30 to 90-day rollout period.


AI Solutions

If you already know that AI is right for your business, and you are ready to begin implementation but do not want to go through the hassle of putting together your own internal AI team, Prisma AI offers innovative solutions by combining the following elements:

Use of customer- owned IP and solutions.
Development and IT teams with access to world-class research from the top academic institutions.
Customer collaboration to create a unique plan tailored specifically for your organization.
Assistance with the implementation of AI technology.
Management and continuous support for your infrastructure as it relates to your AI solutions.


AI as a Service

If you have already recognized AI as the way of the future and are ready to make a complete investment, We apply our expertise in building AI technology to your existing platforms by integrating customized AI solutions via web programs and an API. We host and manage your AI applications, and you do not have to put together an internal team. AI elements include:

Joint and/ or customer-owned IP development
Identification of business opportunities for AI application
Revenue share business model
Development and implementation of AIaaS
Development of API to leverage AI power
Management and continuous support for your infrastructure as it relates to your AI solutions.

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